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  • Visiun® Awarded Laboratory Analytics Group Purchasing Agreement with Premier
  • Visiun Technical Support Specialist, Vanessa Hawrylak, Aids Laboratories in Crisis-Stricken Venezuela
  • See Your Laboratory Data Like Never Before With Visiun's Performance Insight®
  • Immediate Access to Performance Data in Areas Key to Today's Laboratory
  • New Anatomic Pathology Analytics

Visiun - the leader in laboratory analytics

No IT Required

IT already has analytics tools available to them. Performance Insight empowers those working in the lab to get answers themselves in seconds.

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LIS Agnostic

Performance Insight now provides real time analytics to labs using most of the Laboratory Information Systems in the market.

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Data Never Leaves Your Network

No one expects to be hacked. But sending all of your data to a third party does add risk. Performance Insight operates totally inside your network.

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Visiun is the leading provider of performance analytics to the laboratory industry. Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Visiun has been providing services to the laboratory industry for over seven years, with hundreds of laboratories installed across the United States. Performance Insight™, Visiun's core product, provides laboratory managers with a comprehensive suite of analytics that deliver immediate improvements in performance, efficiency, and quality.

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