Visiun Technical Support Specialist, Vanessa Hawrylak, Aids to Build a Laboratory in Crisis-Stricken Venezuela

The ongoing socioeconomic and political crisis in Venezuela has impacted the average Venezuelan on many levels. Along with food shortages and increased crime rates, the health care system has suffered due to lack of necessary supplies. By 2015, only 35% of hospital beds were available and 50% of operating rooms could not function due to lack of resources. Clinical laboratories are seeing shortages in essential instrumentations that are fundamental to laboratories in the United States.

Vanessa Hawrylak & Fundacion Kapuy

Visiun Technical Support Specialist, Vanessa Hawrylak, was born in Venezuela and still has family members and friends living in the crisis-stricken nation. Her goal this year is to open a STAT lab to help pediatric patients suffering from malnutrition. She will be assisting an organization called Fundacion Kapuy. The organization focuses on helping underserved children and infants that suffer from malnutrition and need immediate medical attention.
Fundacion Kapuy:

How You Can Help: Waived Chemistry Analyzer Needed

We are looking for a lab who can donate a waived chemistry analyzer to Vanessa's lab in Venezuela. This analyzer will be used for running stat chemistry on pediatric patients. Any other lab supplies that are no longer needed will be accepted as well. Any donation counts! If your lab has an analyzer to donate or if you have any questions, please contact Vanessa Hawrylak at

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