The leader in laboratory analytics

The leader in laboratory analytics

Visiun® Releases Analytics for Newly Mandated Federal Daily Reporting of COVID-19 Testing and Additional COVID-19 Metrics

Visiun, the leader in laboratory analytics, announced the release of a report conforming to the newly mandated federal reporting of COVID-19 testing that must be submitted to HHS and FEMA on a daily basis.

On March 29, 2020, Vice President Pence announced that all hospitals report data on COVID-19 testing performed by “in-house” laboratories (academic/university/hospital) daily to HHS and FEMA using a specific template.  Performance Insight®, Visiun’s laboratory analytics tool, now has the capability to populate all the required COVID-19 testing data directly into the assigned template for this daily submission and automatically email it to HHS/FEMA.  This will allow laboratories to quickly and efficiently generate the necessary data points to meet the daily requirements of the federal government.

In addition to this newly released report, Visiun has also developed additional analytics for laboratories to respond to COVID-19.  These capabilities enable laboratories to monitor volumes of positive and negative test results by laboratory location, identify new positive cases from repeat positive results, and distinguishes high volume areas based on zip codes.  Importantly, this tool can also be used for laboratories to monitor their COVID-19 test turnaround times and trending volumes.

Compatible with every major LIS on the market, Performance Insight provides laboratory management with business intelligence and analytics to help their teams monitor key service commitments and improve workflow, quality, and financial performance.  With Performance Insight, laboratories can eliminate manual reporting processes and see everything that is happening in the lab on a daily basis including turnaround time, quality, productivity/workflow, blood product utilization, test utilization, and more.

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