Visiun Introduces a New Source of National Lab Benchmark Data at Executive War College 2017

2017 Dark Report-Visiun Metrics

Introducing the first annual release of the most accurate lab performance benchmarks available

Join Visiun at the 2017 Annual Executive War College Meeting in New Orleans on Wednesday, May 3 from 8:00 AM - 8:50 AM for an exclusive presentation titled: 'Using a New Source of National Lab Benchmark Data to Help Your Lab Cut Costs, Boost Productivity, and Develop More Value that Contributes to Patient Care-and Earns More Reimbursement.'

Speakers Tom Joseph, President and CEO of Visiun, and Jim Ellis, Managing Partner of MME Consulting, will host the master class together.  Ellis will discuss the use of the Laboratory Value Pyramid as the basis for how a laboratory can advance from its current state through successive steps to become a world-class laboratory that delivers recognized value. For the first time, Ellis will identify useful metrics associated with each of the Lab Value Pyramid’s four levels. Most labs already gather some form of these metrics. He will demonstrate why each metric provides a useful guidepost for lab management and lab staff to advance the measurable quality their lab delivers.

In the second part of the presentation, Joseph will present actual national benchmark data for the metrics discussed by Ellis. This data is derived from more than 200 laboratories throughout the United States. With this information, lab management will be able to identify whether their lab performs at the 25th percentile or 90th percentile in each of these metrics, as compared across the 200 labs that make up Joseph’s database. This session will provide new and reliable tools for guiding the laboratory to higher levels of quality, clinical value, and financial sustainability.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

8:00 AM - 8:50 AM

Sheraton New Orleans

If you are not attending Executive War College but would like additional information on this presentation, please contact Kristina Ziaugra at or 727-420-5152.