The leader in laboratory analytics

The leader in laboratory analytics


Truly understand the needs of the laboratory, since most of you come from a laboratory background. It is nice to talk to someone who knows “lab speak”.

Performance Insight®

Created by Lab Managers – for Lab Managers

Performance Insight® is a software package offered by Visiun to provide essential laboratory performance analytics to laboratory managers.  A central focus of Performance Insight is to provide increasingly busy directors and managers with a powerful and easy-to-use tool to help their management team monitor key performance metrics. With thousands of improvements over the years and direct support provided by former Med Techs, you can be sure that you are getting a tool designed by, and for, lab managers and supervisors. 

  • Provides high-level and detailed analysis of performance for key service commitments
  • Supports Lean process improvements and provides daily performance metrics
  • Rich graphical reporting delivers immediate insight into key aspects of lab performance

What is important to you?

  • Never allowing performance problems to go unchecked
  • Networking with best practice labs in every clinical discipline
  • Improving your management team’s effectiveness
  • Sustaining Lean gains
  • Immediate access to performance data, answers to questions in a minute or two instead of days or weeks
  • Improving outreach program performance and profitability

Here are just a few of the benefits
you will realize:

  • Overview reports for increasingly busy managers/directors that quickly identify any performance issues
  • Support for Lean process improvement to sustain Lean gains:
    • Provides daily performance feedback to workgroups
    • Immediate assessment of improvements from process changes
  • Daily reporting of key service commitments that identify the timing and extent of any performance problem
  • Outreach program support and improvements in performance and profitability
  • Identify workload leveling opportunities
  • Access to our extensive peer comparison database

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