Hundreds of laboratories across the nation, including all of the top 7 leading non-profit health systems, leverage the power and simplicity of Performance Insight™.  A central focus of Performance Insight is to provide increasingly busy directors and managers with a powerful and easy-to-use tool to help their management team monitor key performance metrics.

What is important to you?

  • Never allowing performance problems to go unchecked
  • Networking with best practice labs in every clinical discipline
  • Improving your management team's effectiveness
  • Sustaining Lean gains
  • Immediate access to performance data, answers to questions in a minute or two instead of days or weeks
  • Improving outreach program performance and profitability


Here are just a few of the benefits you will realize:

  • Overview reports for increasingly busy managers/directors that quickly identify any performance issues
  • Support for Lean process improvement to sustain Lean gains:
  • Provides daily performance feedback to workgroups
  • Immediate assessment of improvements from process changes
  • Daily reporting of key service commitments that identify the timing and extent of any performance problem
  • Outreach program support and improving performance and profitability
  • Monitor service commitments to clients
  • Optimize PSC staffing to decrease wait times and improve patient satisfaction
  • Identify workload leveling opportunities
  • Access to our extensive peer comparison database
  • Network with best practice labs in all areas of the laboratory
Discover why leading academic medical centers and health systems are now adopting Performance Insight™.

A 30 minute WebEx demo will demonstrate the value others have realized in this powerful, yet easy to use performance management tool.

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