Test Utilization Module

Performance Insight’s Test Utilization Module is designed to help laboratories identify key opportunities to reduce non-reimbursed testing. Within an hour of installation, users can identify sources of non-reimbursed testing, typically resulting in a savings of over five hundred thousand dollars for every million inpatient tests. Access to this type of reporting results in an immediate improvement to the health system's bottom line and is one of the greatest opportunities for laboratories to improve financial performance.

Predictive Analytics & Population Health Reporting: Visiun's Test Utilization Module also includes predictive analytics and population health reporting. With these new set of analytics, laboratories can identify high risk patients with both elevated patient risk and care gaps. These are the patients that are more likely to show up late in the progression of disease states and require costly interventions. With this data, targeted interventions can be supported for care management to help reduce care gaps and allow organizations to manage both clinical and financial risk of patient populations for improved outcomes.

Identifies sources of non-reimbursed testing and savings per million billable tests.
Identifying sources of non-reimbursed testing typically results in savings of over five hundred thousand dollars for every million-inpatient tests.
Best practice order protocols come preloaded with rules from authoritative sources such as ABIM’s Choosing Wisely, CMS guidelines, and more.
Users will know in a matter of minutes which physicians are and are not following recommended best practice guidelines.
Fast access to information for a depth of analytics in seconds, not days or weeks.
Within an hour of going live, users can immediately identify sources of non-reimbursable testing.
Designed for all laboratory sizes in mind with built-in scalability to the size of your health system or facility.
The return on investment is compelling for hospitals of all sizes, with a typical payback in less than a year and an internal rate of return of 400%.