The leader in laboratory analytics

The leader in laboratory analytics

Quality Module

Performance Insight’s Quality Module ensures a performance problem never goes undetected and keeps Quality Managers and Lab Directors aware of the source of laboratory problems. Defective test results can be very costly when lab tests are misinterpreted and misused. With Performance Insight’s Quality Module, you can take necessary action so you can manage specimen defects, manage instrument/analyte performance, and avoid patient re-collects, unnecessary repeat testing, and improve patient safety.


  • Assess differences in test results by period or instrument (with hypothesis testing)
  • Performs hemolysis and QNS audits to identify the patient locations and staff members with the highest number and proportion of occurrences
  • Compiles and categorizes reasons for test cancellations, critical value notifications, and repeat testing
  • Performs critical value call analysis for overall lab by department and by technologist


  • Know immediately if analyzers are reporting results differently or if a shift has occurred in a single analyzer
  • Identify exactly which staff members require retraining to improve quality and turnaround time
  • Recognize the source of any problems occurring in the laboratory so you can take direct action to resolve the issue
  • Compile detailed call TAT’s for monitoring of this important CLIA requirement