The leader in laboratory analytics

The leader in laboratory analytics

Productivity Workflow Module

Performance Insight’s Productivity Workflow Module provides insight into staffing requirements for any lab process. For any hour that a staff member has activity, their productivity for that hour will be included in the productivity assessment for the day. This useful tool can be used to assess the productivity of phlebotomists for inpatient draws or at outpatient/clinic/collection centers, order entry staff, or technologists reporting results for a department or workstation.


  • Pull up hourly technologist productivity in seconds
  • Identifies batch size and frequency of collection/receipt of specimens versus turnaround times
  • Analyzes the workload performed by a family of analyzers to determine peak workload
  • Proven lean methodologies and queuing models translate staffing and workload into expected patient wait times


  • Know immediately how productive your staff is at any given hour of the day
  • Measure the impact of batch sizes on turnaround time and identify any interruptions in the processing
  • Determine real-world spare capacity of your current instruments
  • Allows lab managers to establish required staffing for any lab process in order to optimize efficiency