The leader in laboratory analytics

The leader in laboratory analytics

Financial Module

Performance Insight’s Financial Module allow laboratory managers to identify cost per test at the procedural level and run detailed revenue forecasts.

Micro Costing:

  • Allows quick determination of cost per test for any lab procedure.  This includes variable, direct and fully loaded cost per test.
    • Precise costing includes instrument, maintenance, all reagents, supplies, labor etc.
  • Provides a benchmark for setting appropriate pricing for new procedures, profitability studies and transfer pricing

Client Profitability:

  • Rapid determination of profitability for new or existing clients
  • Analysis includes direct testing cost, all support costs (marketing, courier, etc.)
  • Financial outcomes include net contribution/margin, ROI 

Inventory Management:

  • Statistical approach to determine economic order quantities and reduces risk of stockouts
  • Supports lean inventory management, Kanban cards