The leader in laboratory analytics

The leader in laboratory analytics

Blood Bank Utilization Module

Performance Insight’s Blood Bank Utilization Module transforms the way transfusion managers are optimizing patient blood management. Blood bank managers can now quickly identify physician transfusion patterns and track C/T Ratio and Transfusion Probability, resulting in improved compliance and a reduction in inappropriate transfusions. Blood banks can also monitor discarded and outdated units, determine the cost of wastage, and establish user-defined blood bank protocols for process improvements in blood bank management. This comprehensive analysis of data helps to reduce the risk and financial costs associated with transfusion.


  • Users can easily review and determine how much wastage is occurring in the blood bank and what specific products and suppliers are contributing to the wastage
  • Managers can establish trigger values for transfusion and easily assess when physicians are transfusing. All outliers are itemized so managers can quickly identify issues.
  • User-defined criteria allows for statistical comparison between a physician and their peers. Trigger values show if a physician is unlike their peers in decisions to transfuse.
  • A transfusion patterns analysis totals how many patients were transfused based on user-defined filters such as: all physicians, all locations, or single physician location.


  • Know the source and financial impact of your wastage. Easily determine if your processes are working or if there is room for improvement
  • See how well hospital physicians are complying with transfusion service protocols and identify and reduce inappropriate transfusions
  • Blood bank managers can use this as a tool to educate physicians on how to improve patient blood utilization and as a definitive statement of physician compliance.
  • Your health system can define customized transfusion practices by patient location, specialty, etc.. and monitor non-compliance, streamlining blood utilization efforts.