Anatomic Pathology Module

Performance Insight’s Anatomic Pathology Module provides pathology departments with an easy to use tool for monitoring operational/workflow and performance metrics in anatomic pathology. Pathologists and managers can monitor pathology operations including TAT from specimen collection through case sign-out, pathology case management tracking metrics, quality metrics, utilization, and more. Access to these AP metrics provides pathology leaders with accurate and detailed information so they can take action to increase efficiency and effectiveness for the anatomic pathology laboratory.

Ability to track TAT metrics from specimen collection to case sign out, and all the points in between
Quickly identify if an issue is pre-analytical, in-lab, or post-analytical
Monitors pathology staff productivity and workflow including transcription and staff workflow report cards
Know immediately how productive your pathology staff is at any given hour of the day so you can make manage appropriately
Identifies pathology utilization and synoptic reporting metrics
Identify sources of waste in the pathology department and improve performance
Compiles and categorizes quality metrics for pathology specimens, outlier reports, and much more
Recognize the source of any problems occurring in the pathology department so you can take direct action to resolve the issue