The leader in laboratory analytics

The leader in laboratory analytics


Test Utilization

Improve financials and patient outcomes by eliminating over and under-ordered tests

Turnaround Time

Identify steps in your workflow that can be improved and monitor operational performance on an hourly basis

Quality Control

Get immediate results by processing QC results as they flow through the LIS

Anatomic Pathology

Monitor operational/workflow and performance metrics in anatomic pathology

Blood Bank

Optimize patient blood management with reports on product storage, wastage, and physician utilization


Check on the quality of specimens, generate normal ranges, and much more

Productivity and Workflow

Check on the productivity of staff as well as instruments

Peer Comparison

See how your lab’s performance compares to that of the peer group you select from a database of over 300 labs


Track significant decreases or increases in test volumes so you can respond proactively


Run revenue forecasts and identify cost per test at the procedural level