LIS Experience

Obviously you want an analytics tool which can connect to your systems - and many can do that today.
But just as important, you want a tool (and a team behind it) that understands those systems. Every LIS has its own nuances which can have a big effect on your results.  Performance Insight™ is LIS-agnostic, but it is still important to have a team who understands the subtleties of the different systems.  Visiun's decades of laboratory experience and many Performance Insight deployments gives us detailed knowledge about the particulars of each LIS.  The Visiun team has experience with a broad set of systems which include: 
  • Cerner Classic
  • Cerner Millenium
  • Epic Beaker
  • McKesson Horizon Lab
  • Sunquest Laboratory
  • SCC SoftLab
  • Meditech Magic
  • Meditech Client/Server
  • Seacoast