The leader in laboratory analytics

The leader in laboratory analytics

Deployment Flexibility

My IT department always level sets projects and reminds me that ‘not every company can be like Visiun’.”

Three weeks from contract signing to install/training.

– Mike Black, AVP Laboratory Service Line Administrator, Avera Health

For maximum flexibility, Visiun offer two deployment models for Performance Insight. Both have advantages, so your institution can deploy using the option that works best in your environment.

SQLite is a database engine which does not require a server.  You can deploy Performance Insight with just a laptop.  No database server is used in this model.  All that is required is a place to the store the database file.  This can be a local hard drive, or a shared folder on the network. The database file is a single, encrypted file, but Performance Insight can read and write to the tables that are stored inside this file.  This model offers several advantages:

  • Quick and easy deployment – no server set up required
  • Zero IT burden to manage
  • Trivial to move or copy database

Some clients prefer to keep their data in SQL Server.  Performance Insight fully supports working with SQL Server.  Visiun provides the schema, and your IT group can set up the database on the infrastructure that makes the most sense.  This is your server on your network, so neither Visiun nor anyone else outside your organization has access to the server or the data.  There is not much management of the Performance Insight database needed, but your IT team is responsible for basic management such as backups and capacity planning.  Using SQL Server does offer several advantages:

  • Greater capacity
  • Often improved performance
  • SQL Server allows for detailed access control policies

In both deployment models, Performance Insight keeps data inside your network.