ACL Laboratories, One of the Largest Health Care System Laboratories in the United States, Implements Visiun’s Performance Insight® Laboratory Analytics for Improved Operational and Financial Performance

Ann Arbor, Michigan – Visiun, Inc., announced today that ACL Laboratories, one of the top 10 largest health care system laboratories in the United States, has selected and implemented Visiun’s Performance Insight® laboratory analytics system for improved operational and financial performance throughout their expansive laboratory network.  

Providing direct access to a depth of analyzed laboratory data, Performance Insight acts a tool offering meaningful reports to identify areas for process improvement.  As part of Advocate Aurora Health, ACL Laboratories services 27 hospitals across the Midwest and performs over 26 million laboratory tests annually.  Performance Insight has been seamlessly installed on-time and on-budget, to manage and track important metrics key to the laboratory from this vast amount of data.  This data-driven approach enables management to make better informed decisions to quickly meet key service commitments and focus on process improvement initiatives that enhance patient care, improve productivity and quality, and lead to better overall performance.

“At ACL Laboratories we appreciate the important role technology plays in our environment and take pride in following best-in-class laboratory protocols to provide analysis on which our clients depend.  Visiun’s Performance Insight has proven to be a powerful tool that provides the data analytics we need to help optimize efficiency and operational performance to ensure we continue to meet and exceed the highest levels of performance throughout the health system” says Barbara Bigler, President of ACL Laboratories. 

“Visiun works closely with every client and the work with ACL has been a pleasure. They are a dedicated, results-oriented organization and we look forward to a beneficial relationship moving forward.  ACL and Visiun share the same ultimate goal; to provide best-in-class laboratory results for patients.  Visiun’s laboratory analytics platform, Performance Insight, will assist ACL with improving operational performance, productivity, reimbursement rates, quality and patient care. Both ACL and Visiun are actively working to make this happen,” said Tim Bickley, Vice President of Sales at Visiun.

A common challenge faced by many clinical laboratories is the absence of automated processes for extracting and analyzing data recorded in the lab’s laboratory information system (LIS).  Compatible with every major LIS on the market, Performance Insight provides laboratory management with data analytics to help teams monitor and visualize everything happening in the laboratory on a daily basis from turnaround time, quality control, productivity/workflow, blood product utilization, test utilization, anatomic pathology, and more.  This range of analytics covers different areas of the laboratory, many of which are unique in the industry.

About ACL Laboratories

ACL Laboratories is a part of Advocate Aurora Health, one of the largest and most trusted health care systems in the MidWest.  ACL is able to draw on the resources of Advocate Aurora Health, which uniquely positions them to provide superior service on a wide range of clinical, anatomic pathology, and analytical testing.  ACL is accredited by the College of American Pathologists and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and is certified in accordance with the Clinical Laboratories Improvement Act (CLIA).  Its staff includes board-certified pathologists, PhD chemists and microbiologists, registered medical technologists/technicians, cytotechnologists, histotechnicians and specialists in information technology.

About Visiun, Inc.

Visiun, Inc. is the leading provider of performance analytics to the laboratory industry.  Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Visiun has been providing services to the laboratory industry for over eight years, with hundreds of laboratories installed across the United States.  Performance Insight®, Visiun's core product, provides laboratory managers with a comprehensive suite of analytics that deliver immediate improvements in performance, efficiency, and quality.  For more information, please visit