Client Feedback

"Visiun has provided the data we need for test utilization. We can track whether our physicians are ordering tests by established best practices and benchmark them with other physicians both internally and across the nation. This tool allows us to start a data-based discussion about best practices with our physicians. If we can change their habits to align with best practices, that’s good for everyone involved. It could provide better care for our patients while saving money. Visun’s lab expertise, depth of analytics, rapid implementation process, low IT impact and overall client support make them a great partner. There’s no doubt that through our relationship, we’ll be able to improve care and reduce costs throughout our system."

Mike Black, Assistant Vice President of Laboratory, Avera McKennan Hospital

"After deploying the Visiun Dashboard, we have realized that we now have the power to become a Pro Active Laboratory instead of a Reactive Laboratory. Prior to Visiun, we reacted to customer concerns or inquiries as they happened, sometimes with a delay of days as we waited for the necessary data to verify the concern. Now we monitor analyte results, instrument performance and turnaround times with reports that are available in minutes. We have just begun to tap into the power of the data that is now immediately accessible. The possibilities for improved turnaround times, productivity and utilization are limitless with this tool in our toolbox."

Heather Hargis, BS, MT(ASCP), Manager, Lab Support Services, University of Cincinnati Medical Center

"We loved using [the dashboard], it has worked well, it is doing exactly what we need it to do. I wanted people to focus on the turnaround times and make some improvement and they really have. It’s been great. It has helped them get some insight they could not get in any other way. I’m proud of the work they have done. They couldn’t have done it without this [dashboard] though. Caused such a big buzz. A lot of energy around this because they have the right tools. Several techs came to me and said “I want in”. People are drawn to it, rather than running away from it. [the dashboard] continues to impress us."

Alastair "Ali" Dunnett, Senior Director, Laboratory Services, Seton Healthcare Family

"With the high volume of testing performed in our laboratory at 3 different locations and various expectations of turnaround times by location (ED, ICU, Outreach clients, STAT vs. Routine etc.), the Dashboard provided us a continuous visibility of the day to day issues. These reports gave us an opportunity to manage effectively and able to track the performance and provided a continuous feedback to both administrative as well as physician leadership.” 

James B. McKenney, Quality Assurance Manager, UMass Memorial Laboratories

"The daily dashboard reports with accompanying outlier detail report allows our various laboratories & managers to quickly evaluate turnaround time performance from the previous day, pinpoint the source & time of TAT deviation, then review with the bench staff to understand the issues that contributed to the prolonged TATs. This approach has been key in defining & implementing “Lean” processes that have improved TAT performance across the board. Further, interinstitutional comparison has been facilitated, and allowed a greater understanding of current modern TAT “standards” for laboratories."

    John L. Carey, MD, Vice Chair, Pathology, Henry Ford Hospital & Medical Laboratories

"Your dashboard is even more powerful than I had hoped. This tool has remarkable flexibility and speed. One of the greatest obstacles we have faced is the availability of data to permit us to rapidly drive down to root cause on a defect. In addition, accurate data with which we can monitor our progress on an ongoing basis often requires significant effort and is anything but timely. Your dashboard offers easily accessible, timely data from a tool that allows us to monitor at a high level or dig deeper as needed. This kind of data query and dashboard capability will help ProMedica Laboratories take our process improvement efforts to the next level, permitting us to further eliminate waste and improve quality and consistency."

    Mark C. Sattler, MBA, FHFMA, FACHE, Administrative Director, ProMedica Laboratories & ProMedica Courier Service, ProMedica Physician and Continuum Services